We have over years of experience

Locally sourced brunch and salad options, plus detox drinks, at a kid-friendly cafe with a garden.

Eatnchill has been serving at Willoughby Rd, NSW with the reputation of fast, affordable, and long list of delicious options for over a decade. 

We try to be creative with the platter we serve. We've got you covered from healthy breakfast, brunch, lunch, salad to detox drinks and more. Throughout our menu, we offer quality ingredients balanced with old favorites and unique dishes. 

Not only you can walk-in and grab a bite, we cater your needs for any occasions. 


What our customers say

Average customer rating 4.82 (253 votes)

  • Best ever Beetroot juice made by very nice Pedro, perfect ? balance of earthy just right sweetness, absolutely delicious!! Great friendly service by all the staff. Lovely ambience in such a beautiful old building. Good food, lovely bread! Very nice place to be! Lovely ambience, lovely light in the afternoon. Again, have to say the staff are really nice!
    Astrid Nordheim
  • Food is awesome here. Eggs Benedict with wild mushrooms n smoked salmon, so good. Pancakes were buckwheat but still pretty tasty. Also, only a short walk to Forsyth Coffee with one of the best beans on Sydney
    Joseph Diver
  • Nice coffee and great menu. Cafe seating area very well set up. Staff very friendly and helpful. I have returned to have a coffee and snacks many times.
    Anushiya Selva Rajah
  • Great Shop! Pancakes are super delicious! Brownies are great! Everything’s amazing!Staff are great!
    Daniel Wei
  • Great local cafe. Food is always fresh and tasty. Staff are friendly and helpful, food usually arrives quickly. They have tables out front, injustice and out the back, where there is some room for kids to play.
    Allison Fox